3 reasons the Keto lifestyle is worth the switch

3 Reasons the Keto lifestyle is worth the switch!

3 Reasons the Keto lifestyle is worth the switch!

It’s never too late to start focusing on your health and fitness goals. Thus, to help and make it easy for you, we have our: Summer Body Teatox Bundle  so you can get started right away! This bundle includes our 28 Day Keto Meal Plan and Bodyweight Workout guide to do from home! There’s more in the bundle, just click to see! 

So, if you’ve heard of keto but do not know what it is and if you should try it, rest assured you will have those questions answered here!

What is this Keto diet that everyone keeps talking about? 

 The ketogenic diet is ultimately a low carb, high-fat diet. The body typically uses glucose for energy, but on the keto diet, the body is forced to burn fat. This is the goal. To reach ketosis, or the process where the body is burning fat. In order to put your health and fitness goals first, with Keto, you will saygoodbye to bread and carbs that you love so dearly. However, the benefits may suit your lifestyle and could help you achieve your 2020 and 20-forever health and fitness goals! We want you to Stay Sexy, Stay Healthy, and Stay Fit!

Still not sure this keto is for you? Well, here are three reasons you might consider the keto lifestyle: 

  1. You stay full and curb cravings: Low or no carb lifestyles may seem like the perfect storm for being hungry all the time, right? Surprisingly, studies show quite the opposite! Low-carb diets have shown to decrease appetite and lower calorie intake. So, by eating a larger portion of fat in your diet, your appetite decreases and therefore, so does the number of calories intake.  
  1. You lose fat quicker and more efficiently: Studies show that low carb diets are even better than low fat diets for losing that fat quicker! Even when you are counting calories for low fat diets, loosing weight is still easier with a low carb diet, such as a ketogenic lifestyle. The ratio of a low to no carb, sizable protein and majority fat diet ensures that fat is burned quickly, without needing to worry about the risk factors of artificial diet plans. 
  1. The health benefits: Those who may be insulin sensitive or have diabetes may greatly benefit from this lifestyle. The ketogenic diet is used for those with diabetes, children with epilepsy, insulin sensitivity. The keto lifestyle has been shown to become a healthy regimen for even those with heart disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome and neurological disorder as well, so the benefits are widespread. The keto lifestyle fits a broad scope! Need the keto diet to help prevent or combat a disease? It can be of assistance in addition to a healthy lifestyle. Looking to optimize your health and performance and do not have any health concerns? It can also be of assistance there! The keto diet is beneficial for those who are looking to improve their health, regardless of whether there is a dire need or not. 

Well, hopefully your questions about the mysterious keto diet has been answered and you see what it has to offer! But now, maybe you are wondering how to get started? Here are a few Keto food options that come right out of the SexyMi Keto Meal Plan 

Green Protein Smoothie: 


1 Cup of Spinach
1/2 Avocado

1 Serving of Vanilla Protein

1/2 Cups of Coconut Milk

1 Tbsp of Chia Seeds

Chicken Cobb Salad: 


2 Cups of Spinach
4 oz of Chicken
1 Hard Boiled Egg 

1/2 Cup of Chopped Cucumber
2 Slices of Bacon 

1/2 Avocado
1 Tbsp Olive Oil 

Pinch of Salt and Pepper

Check out all the other delicious and nutritious recipes in the SexyMi Keto Meal plan. Now go and get started on your Keto Lifestyle! 

Stay Sexy | Stay Healthy | Stay Fit



  • Anusha Keshavan
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