Struggling with Self-Love? Here's 5 reminders to help you no longer struggle!

Struggling with Self-Love? Here's 5 reminders to help you no longer struggle!

SELF - Love. Easier said than done, is it not? But just like working out at the gym, it takes practice, consistency, and discipline to your SELF. That is right! Treating yourself with love and care you deserve every day takes practice. Here are five reminders that can help make loving and caring for yourself a habit: 

  1. Show gratitude for YOURSELF: In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we forget how blessed we are by being ourselves. Think of THREE things every day that you are grateful for yourself. It can be small; it can be significant; it does not matter! The point is, by slowing down our thought process on how we view ourselves, we put more gratitude into ourselves and what better way to show love than to show appreciation! 
  2. You are your own competition: When we compare, we are putting out our light on someone else. That’s not the world we want to live in! A perfect reminder is that the goal is to want to improve and be better than who you were the day before! The best thing you can do for yourself is to be a better you. 
  3. Be PROUD of yourself! You are a warrior. You carry yourself with all the things you have experienced! When you accomplish a goal, be PROUD. Whether it is a fitness goal, work goal, emotional goal, a family goal, no matter how large or small, ALL of it matters!
  4. Healthy takes the Gold: Healthy will always be more beautiful than a particular body type. If you are HEALTHY, then you are already WINNING! 
  5. Sometimes, it really is all about you: The world moves quickly, and sometimes it feels like there is not enough time. But true self-love comes from putting yourself first. That means, knowing that you need time for yourself. Time to relax, heal, recuperate, and ultimately recharge the love you have for yourself. 

 There you have it! Self-love is a must-have and a final reminder: You got this! 

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  • Anusha Keshavan
  • Tags: self-love
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