Noah. It all started with my gift from God. After giving birth to my 10lb New Year's baby boy, my precious son Noah…every time I looked in the mirror after that, I didn't feel sexy. I started to feel insecure about myself and all I wanted was to lose the postpartum weight fast. My ultimate goal was to regain my confidence and feel sexy, even as a mother. I started researching for a remedy, something that was quick and all-natural.

Before we dive into more details, here's a little background about me. I was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. I don't remember much from Afghanistan as my family and I left my home country when I was a toddler but all I carry from there is a sad, devastating memory. When I was 2 years old, my two little cousins that were around my age, were playing on the roof terrace of their house when the Taliban (the real terrorists) dropped a bomb. Everyone in my family is still in disbelief from this incident. Their bodies were blown into pieces. :( My aunt picked up the remains of their bodies with her hands. Being as young and clueless as I was at 2 years old, I sensed the sorrow that my entire family went through.

Side note: I did Myheritage DNA and found out I am 12% Irish, Scottish, Welsh, 1.5% Hispanic (Central American), and 86.5% mix of central, west, and south Asian. Who knew? :)

We then moved to India in 1992 and from there decided to settle in Toronto, Canada in 2000. Still not feeling like home my family decided to shift to the Land of the opportunity, USA, in 2005.  We immediately settled in Orange County where my family and I resided in Irvine, CA. Little after that, I met my soulmate, the love of my life and moved to the seaside village of Corona del Mar in Newport Beach, CA.

Afghans are heavy drinkers, tea drinkers I should say. Tea was the main factor as I was growing up, we were constantly drinking tea and I came to learn how green tea and Garcinia Cambogia in addition to various other natural herbs could actually help assist in weight loss, bloat, and energy. Tea and the benefits it carries had always been in the back of my mind. Then one day I was browsing through Social Media and I saw all these celebrities and influencers promoting all these detox teas from multi-million-dollar companies. I saw these girls with the perfect body posing with tea brands. I said to myself, "I WILL get down to my ideal weight in less than a year". It takes 9 months to develop a baby, and it will take some mommies at least 9 months to lose the baby weight. I was one of them and I kept reminding myself that no matter what, I will gain my confidence back. So, my husband and I, who at the time lived in Newport Beach, CA, purchased some skinny and colon teas and started drinking them. Well, since I was breastfeeding, I did not drink the colon, just the skinny. We found out most of these companies did not do their proper research to create a perfectly balanced blend for us: the consumers. They were mainly laxative teas so as soon as you drink their detox tea, a few hours later, you will have cramps and find yourself in the toilet with explosive diarrhea. Oh, and let's not forget, it gets you dehydrated which is so unhealthy! Many people don't do research before purchasing as they just trust the brand and purchase. They get fooled by their branding, marketing gimmicks, fake and bought reviews, or they see everyone posing with their tea, so they automatically trust the brand and buy their product. I said to myself, some of these companies are all about the profits. They don't genuinely care about their customers like family, only their bank account. They are dishonest, they mislead and misrepresent!

What really did discourage me from using their teas was the plastic tumblers or cups that they supplied. I was like, wait, plastic? Yuck! If you do just a little research, you will find out how toxic and unhealthy plastic is to drink from. So, these companies tout all-natural, healthy, good for you, healthy lifestyle yet sell cheap plastic tumblers to go with it. By the way, further research shows these plastics hawked for around $30 cost about a buck when purchased in bulk from China! (What a bargain, right!) They get rich, you get sick. Also, don't be fooled by BPA free, another marketing gimmick, when BPA free plastic comes in contact with hot liquid, it leaches toxins. So, you could effectively be drinking a detox tea, pregnancy, or breastfeeding tea from a toxic tumbler. Are you kidding?!

Nonetheless, I did not have a positive experience with the various teas that I was experimenting with. I was not satisfied, definitely not content. Having the same goal in mind, wanting to regain the same positive, confident self to be a better mother and better wife, I devoted myself to branding our own company. I told my husband, let's start our own brand. He was thrilled more than me and we both brainstormed. Our son was just 3 months old and we came up with SEXYMI (pronounced Sexy Me). This would represent confidence and the affirmation that we ALL can feel sexy. So, this is how sexymi tea was born. While I was a first-time mommy I worked day and night on building this brand, but I couldn't have done it without my husband, who is my partner and mentor (oh and don't let me forget to mention that he is the service-connected Marine Corp Veteran Co-Founder and successful real estate developer in California, before we moved to New England). Together, as a team, he said, I will teach you how to start and build a business with little money, the way he had done it in the beginning, with no help. I loved this as he was self-made and would now mentor me how to be self-made, without using any outside funds. So, I got a $1500 loan from PayPal and said to my husband "this is all I have to start this company". He said this is your baby, so I will help you and fund the company's research and work with the herbal doctor, Tea master, and our suppliers and handle mostly the business side of the company, while you focus on the creative side of the business. We have business in South-East Asia, so we had access to centuries-old methods and expert ways. We researched and worked with herbal doctors, blenders, nutritionists, and tea masters and came up with a perfect two-step detox tea blend, that is All-natural, organic, PREMIUM, and of the highest quality loose leaf tea. I drank it for a year and ate healthily, and I went from 190lbs to 123lbs. I was pretty darn happy! I gained my confidence back and I started to FEEL SEXY again. Praise God for all-natural tea, that HE has created, because it worked for me!

From then on forward, SEXYMI was our successful creation. Expanding our brand as much as I could, I did not want to settle with just our wake up Skinny tea and bedtime Colon. I knew that I wanted more babies in the future, however, I couldn't drink our skinny tea when I am pregnant. That's when the idea popped to me, MOMMY TEAS. The ORIGINAL mommy teas that actually help mommies be healthy while enjoying a great cup of tea. We can have a pregnancy tea and a breastfeeding tea. I know there are so many moms that are concerned about their milk supply, and when pregnant they want to eat and drink all-natural organic products to help assist in the development of their miracle. I know I did. So this mama bear researched and I came up with Sexy Baby Bump because bumps ARE sexy! Btw, that is me in the picture of our label. 'Sexy Baby Bump' is a prenatal tea and 'Sexy Mommy' is a postnatal tea. I named it Sexy Mommy as we are all sexy no matter how we feel. I say this to all you mommies out there! We gave birth to a human being. It takes a lot out of us. But we did it and we are TEAm Sexy!

So, after our postnatal tea was created from a mommy (me) FOR mommies, I drank it while I was nursing. BTW, our postnatal tea is the original, all-natural and organic loose-leaf breastfeeding tea made specifically for ALL mommies. I was enjoying my Sexy Mommy tea while I was nursing my baby boy, and boy, I was producing so much milk that I could literally sell my milk for some income, (haha). Wouldn't that have been a great story? It's pretty popular in the bodybuilding world I hear, but I am not suggesting you buy our tea to get in that business! Anyway, I digress, I was so happy because not only did sexymi teas (the wake up Skinny tea and Sexy Mommy tea) help me lose the weight, not feel bloated, sleep well at night, have great energy throughout the day, strong and healthy nails, beautiful skin complexion, but also it took care of my baby's tummy. It fed him, and he didn't have colic. Our blend was formulated to counteract gas effects that sometimes come as a result of fenugreek. We have no complaints whatsoever of any colic and in fact, quite the opposite. Our mommies share how their babies get plenty of milk and are not gassy. I EXCLUSIVELY breastfed my son for TWO years and 3 months because there is power in mother's milk. It's a true miracle!

BTW, Noah was NEVER colicky. If you ever want to know a trick for gassing your baby while changing them, ask my husband, he is a pro! ;)

Our tea helped me with so much and that's how I got my confidence back. I speak from personal experience proving that if it helped me, it can certainly help all the mommies out there no matter what. When our teas were introduced to the market and online, we started to receive heartwarming reviews from our customers. People sharing how it has helped them with weight loss, bloat, producing more milk, with indigestion etc., these reviews put a BIG smile on my face and touched my heart, and motivated me to grow and scale the business.

My real and ultimate goal with sexymi tea before I die, is to have an on-going charity to save babies lives. Not only provide and continue to create healthy products, I also want to leverage proceeds from sexymi, as God provides, so I can give mommies alternatives to aborting their children if they are in a situation where they feel they have no other choice. I love babies. They are so precious. They are very special to me.  But, I am committed to continue working my butt off day and night to get sexymi tea out there. For people to know that I was once a consumer, and I will never sell something that my family and I don't personally use. Nor will I sell something that is not good for us.

Your money will not just go towards a product that works, that is good for you, but it could also help save the life of an unborn child. In addition to this, since my husband is a USMC Veteran, your money will also go towards veteran causes. We are a company that is honest, truly, and genuinely care about their customers and ambassadors, because if they drink sexymi tea, they are a part of my heart, they are family. If you want to get the word out there, you will be our celebrities and influencers! We have a Royalty Ambassador program that you can share the love and also make some income. So, this way it’s a WIN-WIN for anyone that wants to join our TEAm Sexy! God willing - the word will get out there and I will have many strong, loving, and caring mommies help us get to the ultimate goal of funding our charity – Save a Babi.

Stay Sexy | Stay Healthy | Stay Fit

BIG love,

Leah Granite

Co-Founder & CEO of sexymi Tea


"If God is for us, who can stand against us?" - Roman 8:31

"To whom much is given, much is required" - Luke 12:48