sexymi Tea began as a small boutique loose leaf tea blender. In the beginning, we could be found at farmers markets, at specialty organic outlets, and in our small shop. Health has always been our primary concern. As we started personally trying many of the detox teas that were on the market we realized one major flaw. They were basically laxatives in a tea. When we tried them, we literally soon were sprinting for the bathroom, and could not wander far from the porcelain throne. This was crazy. Tea that claims to be a detox but actually provides results by causing diarrhea with stomach pains. Not to mention achieving the feeling of a flat tummy by dehydration. This is not healthy or effective. Once the diarrhea was finished and the body is rehydrated, right back is the associated weight. 

We set out to provide the best teatox on the market without these terrible side effects and false or temporary results. We worked with a 35-year tea master and science specialists to form effective blends that actually work! Detoxing and losing weight while increasing energy levels, metabolism, and focus. We also needed to kill bloat and cravings. The result after a year of trying different blends was a powerful detox that was easy on the system. 

Toxins need to be removed via bowel movements but not expressed painfully and often embarrassingly! We designed a two-stage loose leaf because the teas work independently of each other. A one package detox is simply trying to do too much in one packet. In 2015 we took our products to the world via the internet and have focused on continuing to expand our extremely healthy loose leaf teas. With so many success stories out there the word has traveled fast! 

We will not expose you to the gluten and toxins found in tea bags. You can trust what sexymi provides you to put in your body. We drink it every day! We also provide our customers high-quality borosilicate-glass double wall tumblers so they can enjoy tea on the go via a healthy vessel. Plastic is a no-no when it comes to tea. 

As a veteran-owned company, we support and appreciate the men and women of the armed forces. Thank you ALL for your service.