At sexymi Tea, we are constantly striving to find the best all-natural ingredients sourced from around the globe that are only hand-selected premium ingredients. We believe that you deserve the best quality available, and we spend more than our competitors to provide you the best. Yes, that means lower profit margins, but at the same time, it means you will return because of our commitment to quality and customer experience.

Our goal is for you to find YOUR sexy. Not someone else’s idea of what sexy is. Feeling fantastic from the inside out. Putting on your clothes and feeling confident, strong, and powerful. We always want our customers to feel important and cared for…because they are.

Our teas were developed within our team to be superior to our competition. We sought out to improve on what others were doing wrong. That is why you will not experience cramps or runs while using our teatox. Gross right? Who wants to see results from “expressing” your system and getting dehydrated, only to see that weight come right back after the body returns to normal hydration. With roughly two gallons of water in your GI tract (16 lbs.) you can see how quickly you can be fooled into weight loss that is accompanied by loss of electrolytes and vital nutrients. Not healthy!!!

Speaking of healthy, we only sell glass tea tumblers, never plastic! BPA-free plastic tumblers have been proven to leach toxins into liquid when coming in contact with hot water. What is leached? BPS (the deceptive BPA replacement) is considered to be as bad and possibly worse than BPA. It costs more for us to provide glass over cheap plastic, but you are worth it. We provide a healthy alternative at the same price as competitors charge for the cheap plastic tea tumblers.

Our products were created by us. That’s why our Mommy Teas are touted as “created by a mommy, for mommies. When our founder, Leah, had her first child and drank our tea resulting in weight loss from 190 lbs. down to 123 lbs., we knew we were on to something. We will continue to research and formulate healthy products to assist our customers in achieving their health goals and finding THEIR sexy.


Stay Sexy | Stay Healthy | Stay Fit
(Our Mission)
 That pretty much sums it up! Our vision is to help you get there and stay there. Staying healthy also requires some level of staying fit. If you are fit and healthy, well, you’re going to feel sexy for sure. Our products will help you get started on your sexy journey and maintain once you have reached your goals. Clean living is a lifestyle we promote and live. We drink our teas every day for the vast health benefits. You should too.
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